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Shorin Ryu Karate

Shorin Ryu Karate is a sytle of Karate developed in Okinawa. Passed down  from one teacher to the next, Karate has made its way all over the world. Here we teach all ages how to defend themselves and  how to perform true art form of martial arts and traditions of Karate.  

Sensei Dave

Sensei Dave has been training in Shorin Ryu Karate since 1995. Following  years of training, he has earned his Third Degree Black Belt. Sensei  Dave is a strong believer in hard work and using full technique and  proper force during all training possible; practice - practice hard -  and practice more! Sensei Dave is a lifetime member of the United States  Martial Arts Association (USMA), the Independent Martial Arts  Federation (IMAF), and Schucker Martial Arts Associaton (SMAA), as well  as a member of the Brotherhood of Martial Artists (BHMA).  

"Practice, Slow Down & Concentrate!"

Slow Down, Concentrate & Slow Down!

The three pillars that we work with through everything that we learn mentally and physically at Wattie Karate.

Make sure you're ready for hard work, but don't be worried, because you'll be having so much fun that you won't even realize how much you're sweating!

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Wattie Karate

1110 Paul St, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 6H5, Canada

(613) 703-2919

Regular Classes

Mondays @ Wattie Karate (1110 Paul St, Cornwall, Ontario)

Jr Class: 5.30pm - 6.45pm

Sr Class: 6.45pm - 8.00pm

Wednesday @ Maple Ridge Center (12820 County Rd 43, Winchester, Ontario)

Jr Class: 5.30pm - 6.45pm

Sr Class: 6.45pm - 8.00pm